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Hi, I'm Kelly Hazel. A Product and Fine Arts Photographer from Greenville, South Carolina.

Kelly Hazel's Bio:

Kelly Hazel is owner and photographer for Kelly Hazel Photography. The company has a focus on product photography and portfolio photography for artists.

Kelly Hazel Photography has been featured in 2 books to date--New and Different Materials for Weaving and Coiling, and Weaving on Gourds. Both by author and fine artist, Marianne Barnes. Two more instructional books featuring Kelly Hazel Photography will be published in 2014, as well as a 5th book on Folk Art which is still in the earliest stages of development.

Kelly Hazel Photography product images adorn a wide array of web based stores, catalogs, and promotional materials. Kelly Hazel is dedicated to creating dynamic, unique, and interesting images to promote and sell your products. 

Kelly Hazel's Experience:

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